You’ve experienced a breach…. now what?

When a cyber attack occurs, it’s crucial to act immediately.  After a breach, it is vital to decrease your down time and reduce any direct and indirect costs they will face.  Taking the right steps after a breach is critical to the success of the remediation.

Don’t reboot, reset or unplug anything!

Taking those actions will not resolve your breach nor will it get the attacker out of their network.  In fact, those actions tend to do more harm than good.  Forensics and incident response teams need the memory.  It’s like a murder scene, you don’t want to erase or tamper with evidence.

The first step you should take is to call your trusted cybersecurity experts here at Parsolvo for advice. Our Incident Response service is designed to find the root cause of the attack, discover evidence, and remediate the problem thoroughly and efficiently.

Our average response time is measured in MINUTES

You can never predict WHEN you will need Incident Reponse services, but when you do, you need it IMMEDIATELY.

We get that.  That is why we offer incident response packages for every budget and environment.  You do not have to be a current customer.

In fact, some of our customers actually engaged with us for the first time ever after they have been compromised.  We work around the clock, so let us know what you need.  We’re here for you.

Parsolvo offers incident response packages for every budget and environment