Conquer Human Error with Parsolvo’s Email Security & Training

Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility. End users are the biggest risk to your network and by far the best solution is to train them.  Constantly. Comprehensively.  Seamlessly.

With a Managed Phishing and Security Awareness training program in place, you can actually see the open rates of phishing emails within the organization.

Our service provides frequent training and testing for your employees. Our phishing emails are sophisticated and realistic – resembling real-world phishing emails. For example: outstanding invoices, LinkedIn notifications, or IT telling users to change their password. Your employees need to know how to spot the signs of phishing emails so they can avoid and report them.

Email is the most effective attack vector today

Email is still the #1 Security Threat

Over 91% of all successful security breaches begin simply with just an email. Malicious actors use phishing techniques to send emails that allow them to gain access to a user’s machine or to a SaaS application.  Then once they have their foothold established, they work their way across your entire network. Our Email Security solution screens emails before they ever reach the end user.  Using AI and advanced heuristics analysis, we shut down phishing attacks before they ever hit the inbox.

On top of that, our security experts continually craft simulated phishing attacks and we proactively test and train your users so that your organization will be prepared for the next phishing attack that makes it through our email security system.

How do the phishing simulations work?

Parsolvo crafts phishing emails and sends them to each of your users at random intervals over a determined period of time.

If the phishing link is clicked in the email, the user is automatically enrolled in security training that teach them techniques which will help them improve their ability to detect and avoid future phishing emails.

After the baseline testing is done, you will be able to see their organization’s phish-prone rate decrease as the testing continues and the security training and awareness is elevated throughout your organization.

Organizational security improves dramatically over time with Security Training and Phishing Exercises

Ready to learn more?

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