Why Choose Parsolvo to support your portfolio?

Parsolvo offers a broad range of consulting and outsourcing solutions specifically designed for Private Equity Firms and firms that are either acquiring or divesting assets.  Our team has over 30 years of experience in leading a broad range of Merger and Acquisition (M&A) integration functions including Integrated Project Teams (IPTs) and performing due diligence functions across IT, Risk Management, Finance and Human Resources.

We help acquirers execute Transition Services Agreements (TSAs) more efficiently

Our team of consultants are well versed in the tight timelines, budgetary restrictions and integration complexities associated with TSAs.  Generally speaking acquirers find themselves need scrambling at the last minute to identify resources and integration partners they need to execute at a high level and meet the novation requirements of the TSA.  It is exorbitantly expensive to go back and ask for more time, resources, etc once a TSA has been agreed upon which adds unnecessary transaction cost and reduces overall ROI.

Parsolvo solves this by bringing to bear a wide range of resources that are domain experts in common functions that need to be consolidated or integrated during the TSA timeframe such as IT, Accounting and HR.  We also have a comprehensive framework to address policy, process and people changes throughout organizations during a transformational merger or acquisition.

We are the Platform Acquisition Solution

Private Equity firms that are buying a carve out as a platform acquisition know the difficulty and expense of deploying a brand new operating infrastructure.  Parsolvo provides a complete, scalable outsourcing solution that enables a carve out to become operational on Day 1 with IT, Accounting and HR functions while simultaneously building long-term plans to evaluate recently acquired talent and external staff alike for leadership roles within the new company.  Our cloud based approach ensures that we can deploy systems broadly and quickly while focusing on business process, data analytics and talent optimization or acquisition.